March 8, 2009

Stacking Up

I'm a little concerned. I've never been a collector and don't need to have lots of stuff, especially considering how tiny my house is. Seriously, I live in an isosceles triangle. But I am developing quite a cookbook habit. There were a few I got as wedding gifts, then I needed some for participating in baking groups, and I always cruise the sale section at Barnes and Noble. Cat Cora's Cooking From the Hip for $4.99? Who could resist? The small cabinet I use to store my cookbooks in was getting so crowded I actually reorganized my kitchen to make room for more. And now that I've freed up some space, and still had a $20 Amazon credit, I just had to buy Nick Malgieri's The Modern Baker. Chock full of great tips and beautiful photos, I was having a hard time figuring out which recipe to make first- that is until I saw the Three-Way Gingersnaps.

This recipes combines of powdered, fresh, and crystallized ginger to give these cookies a leg up on the classic gingersnap recipe. I omitted the crystallized ginger on my first attempt, simply because I didn't have any on hand and was too lazy to go to the store, and they were still delicious.
With all the recipes to choose from in The Modern Baker, I ought to be able to resist buying any more cookbooks for a while...but I won't make any promises.


pinkstripes said...

YUM! The Modern Baker is on my wishlist. I've run out of room for my cookbooks too. I keep the ones I use weekly in the kitchen and moved all the rest to the guest bedroom.