May 10, 2009

Sunday School- My Favorite Subject

Need another great reason to go to culinary school? Chocolate tasting! A legitimate one, not like the where stand in the kitchen eating chocolate chips out of the pantry...I've heard some people do that. Not me of course.
As much "research" as I've done in the past, there was a lot about chocolate that I didn't know. Did you know:
1. Chocolate was originally consumed in unsweetened liquid form as a sort of elixir
2. Later, Europeans began using cocoa beans to create confections by roasting the beans, smashing them into a paste, then adding sugar and lecithin.
3. Varying roasting times and methods is what gives different brands of chocolate their distinctive taste.
4. The term semisweet chocolate is an American invention. It's really bittersweet chocolate with more added sugar.
5. The best way to store chocolate is wrapped in foil and then in plastic. Wrapped this way a block of chocolate may last up to a year. Chips or pastilles should be used within a month.
6. Chocolate can make you very happy. You probably knew that one already.


Sweet Charity said...

Mmmm. Chocolate!! It does make me happy! I am actually lucky enough to live close to a chocolatier who actually makes his own chocolate- most just melt down other people's bulk chocolate... I tell you, freshly made chocolate is incredible!

pinkstripes said...

YUM! Your cupcakes look delicious.

I had to stop myself from buying a boatload of chocolate this weekend.

The Food Librarian said...

Oh! This class sounds better and better! I'm saving up now for the summer session!