March 7, 2010

Must Love Dogs

I don't need a specific reason to bake. Birthdays and holidays area given, random parties, sporting events guaranteed, but these days I can be found in a cloud of flour an sugar at any given moment. I do love baking for a cause though, for examples the above doggie cookies.
A few months ago I donated some gingerbread dog cookies to Wines For Canines, a fundraising event for Rover Rescue. Dedicated to the rescue and adoption of LA shelter dogs, Rover Rescue is a wonderful non-profit and I was glad to help them. Last week I got an email asking if I would donate more cookies to their LA Marathon/5K team and I thought the Horlicks Doggie Cookies I saw on Foodgawker would be perfect.
Horlicks Doggie Cookies are made with malt powder, milk powder, flour and butter- crunchy and lightly sweet they will make a great post-race treat for Rover Rescue team. But I really just love them for their looks.

The recipe I used can be found here. Malt powder is a great substitute for Horlicks and I used Cocoa Pebbles instead of Koko Krunch which is chocolate cereal I've never seen in the states.
Make them for the dog lover in your life.


Anonymous said...

These dog cookies are so adorable! We have a Rover Rescue dog & she's so sweet. It's great that you're helping out with such a wonderful organization.