March 23, 2010

Drama Free

If you're gonna stress out, don't do it over a cookie. Life is hard. This week's TWD, Dulce de Leche Duos, are easy. Sweet, buttery caramel sandwiched between lightly chewy cookies- 100% pleasure, 0% stress.
Even is you can't find the canned stuff, dulce de leche is a cinch to make. I used the oven method and I didn't so much as break a sweat.

Thanks Jodie for bringing some calm into my chaos.


The Food Librarian said...

delicious! these came out perfect. I just bought my DDL but someday hope to make it myself. cheers, mary the food librarian

TeaLady said...

love making DDL. Great for lots of things. But never thot of cookies.

Yours look just right.