February 10, 2010

Pitter Pat

We took a rare field trip into Beverly Hills the other day on the hunt for fancy accessories for our newly remodeled bathroom. Designer labels like Versace, Mossimo, and Tiffany don't hold much allure for someone whose jobs all require me to get up at ungodly early hours to be covered in flour, or dirt or both so I was thoroughly content to window shop- until I got to The Cheese Store.
Amidst the flash and glam of Rodeo Drive, this place is the real deal, a foodie paradise of specialty cheese, cured meats, aged balsamics, wine, the works. Awed into a stupor, I could only croak a small "Help?" to the woman behind the counter who then graciously guided me through their amazing selection. You name it they've got it, and they even let you sample everything before you buy it. Ultimately I dropped $30 on some manchego, quince paste, butter, and some other cheese with caraway seeds that I don't even know the name of and it was money well spent.
To do justice to the thick, bright yellow, Humboldt County butter, I made a loaf of Prosciutto Bread from Malgieri's Modern Baker.

Bread + Bacon + Butter = Heaven
Forget designer labels. Get a slice of homemade bread and a pat of quality butter and taste the good life.


Tami (Pixeltrash) said...

Ah...yes, a girl after my own heart! I would have done the same. No designer label can match up to a good cheese!