February 14, 2010

Love Child

If Seattle and London had a baby- that's how I describe Vancouver. A perfect combination of Pacific Northwest scenery and European lifestyle, Vancouver is absolutely one of the best places I have ever visited. With it's fabulous food and wine, warm hospitality, and downright live-ability I have been kicking myself for not planning a trip up there for the Olympics. What on Earth was I thinking?
I'll be watching it on tv, and living vicariously through a girlfriend who had the incredible good fortune to get go up there this week. Oh, and of course these Nanaimo Bars.

Nanaimo Bars are a Canadian staple made up of a graham cracker, coconut and nut bottom, creamy vanilla custard in the middle, and rich chocolate ganache on top. If you don't already have love in your heart for Canada, take a bite of these and you will.

O, Canada.
There are lots of recipes out there for this decadent treat. I used this one.