July 10, 2009

Pluot Pajama Jam

It's 10pm...what kind of jam are you making? For a person who had never known anything but Smuckers, I think I'm developing a little jam addiction because I just could not go to bed without making the Pluot jam recipe from this month's Bon Appetit. Often times the recipes I tear out from magazines take me months, if not years to make but this one would not wait. Pluots only come around once a year and aren't on the shelves long, hence the sense of urgency. Plus I'd already had an unfortunate ice cream disaster (roasted banana almond milk sounded good) and needed to erase the stink of failure.
Speaking of smells, this jam has wonderfully sweet and spicy aroma with the combination ripe pluots, rosemary, balsamic vinegar, and honey (I used agave). Perfect on shortbread cookies, divine when paired with goat cheese, or just to jazz up some photos of your furry friends.

That's Chessie, isn't he a looker?
For the recipe and other great ideas, click here.


Anonymous said...

I'll have to try this. I love pluots.

(by the way, I'm taking my first course at the New School on Saturday--knife skills{ha!})

Mary said...

I love the picture with the cat!

Piee said...

Making jam at 10pm is totally normal! My favorite time to make goodies is at night...usually after midnight or later.


emofly said...

Hi Beryl. I am the online editor of Bon Appetit and we are so happy that you liked our pluot jam! Especially that you liked it so much that you had to make it right away (I definitely know the feeling of tearing out recipes and letting them sit around). We are trying to set up links from the recipes on our site (bonappetit.com) to posts that bloggers write about cooking them - and future or past BA recipes you've liked. Send me an email at emily_fleischaker@condenast.com if you're interested. Thanks!

Alicia said...

Very cool. I might try this myself although I'm still pretty partial to apricot jam. :)

stephchows said...

HI! Jam at 10pm sure! I'm hosting a jam exchange this month and was wondering if you'd like to join in?? I'm trying to gather a whole bunch of people and all it takes is being willing to mail 2 jars of jam to someone. All the info to sign up is here: http://stephchows.blogspot.com/2009/07/jam-exchange.html

Hope you can join in!