October 20, 2008

Rocking Our Crocks, Stewgate Results

I arrived at work with seconds to spare, Thai Coconut Soup intact. I ran upstairs to our Post Department on the 2nd Floor to drop off my entry, following the scent of our crock meals which thickened the air. Even actors auditioning on the first floor could smell something culinary was happening in the building. I left my crock on low and headed down to stage.

3 Hours later judging commenced and my fellow crockers and I anxiously awaited the results.Well, I didn't win, or place for that matter. But I received positive comments from a few people and there weren't any leftovers to take home. Ultimately, I was happy with results. As a matter of fact, I had enough ingredients left over for a 2nd batch...so I'm making some right now! Who knew crock was so addictive!