October 20, 2008

At The Crock of Dawn...Stewgate Begins

5:30am: The sky is still dark, and I am dragging myself out of bed- a typical Monday morning. Except, I don't have to be at work for 3 hours. I have to crock... Crock pot that is because today is Stewgate, my work's first annual Crock Pot Cook-Off. I have never crocked before and was extremely apprehensive. Not being a fan of stews and pot roasts, I never felt the need for a crock pot and truly found myself at a loss when it came to choosing a suitable recipe. Bowing out of the competition was not an option, they even bought crock pots for those of us without them! After days of research to find a dish that didn't look to me like it had already been eaten (hey, I'm being honest) I finally settled on a Thai Coconut Soup from A Year of CrockPotting. A spicy broth based soup of vegetable stock, coconut milk, lime, siracha, and ginger, this seemed like a recipe I could pull off without poisoning anyone and was something I would actually eat.

7:30am- Soup simmering on low, time to get ready for work. I'll be unplugging the crock for the short drive (man I hope it survives the trip)and then setting it up on my desk to finish cooking before the competition begins...Wish me luck!


Vanessa said...

Go Beryl Go! Can't wait to hear about the final outcome of your recipe! I am a big fan of the crock myself, just pulled it out for the fall! Remind me to share with you my latest discovery!

Crockpot Lady said...

oooh, good choice!! My fingers are crossed...
we really liked this soup, and my friends did too.