April 29, 2010

Italy In My Mailbox

When I was in grade school, way back in the days before twitter and email, we had pen pals instead of facebook friends. It was so exciting to get letters in the mail from kids just like us, living in other towns, countries even. We could ask them questions like, what cartoons did they watch, and did they eat oreos the same way we did, and is it true the water in their toilet swirled the other way? Even with all the cyber connecting I've got going on now, I was thrilled when I heard about Foodie Exchange.
Foodie Exchange is a website that connects foodies from around the world to exchange food care packages. Getting a package in and of itself is great but the idea of it being filled with regional treats is downright awesome.
My firs exchange was with Rosella from Milan, Italy who sent me a fantastic box of goodies
Savory items like local olive oil, saffron, and pesto,

and sweet treats of cookies, and my personal kryptonite, Nutella.

She even included a pot holder and handmade cloth grocery bag. Thanks Rosella for such a beautiful bounty!

If you're interested in joining in the fun, check out the Foodie Exchange site for yourself and sign up!


smilesmile said...

Dear, I'm very happy you like my food box! You like Nutella like all Italians (except me! :)), I love cooking & all over the world, but California is the best for me! If you'll come to Milan, I'll be glad to let you know my city... :D Take care, bye bye Rossella (like Scarlet in Gone with the wind)

Beau Baker said...

So what did you send her???

Beryl said...

Goodies from the LA Farmers Market!

smilesmile said...

Hi, this morning I received your food boox! All is wonderful, the book will be my favourite! My husbands say thanks to you... :P Thanks a lot! :D Have a nice day

Bianca said...

What a great way to learn about other cultures! :)