April 6, 2010

Feed A Cold

When I was in 5th grade, I wrote a poem about being sick while I was in the infirmary waiting for my mom to come pick me up. To this day every time I get a cold that poem pops into my head. While I will (in the interest of my saving myself from complete and utter embarrassment) refrain from sharing this iambic masterpiece with the blogsphere, I will say that next to matzoh ball soup, a slice of Mocha-Walnut Marbled Bundt Cake made this patient feel a whole lot better.

Even with my compromised sense of smell this cake tasted great and made me forget for a few minutes how crummy I felt. I used cocoa powder and hot water instead of coffee- I'm already sneezy and dopey, no need to add jumpy to the list.
Thanks Erin for this pick, it was a bright spot in my congested haze.
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Linda said...

Yikes - feel better soon!

Your bundt looks perfectly marbled and moist. Kudos for baking while you're under the weather...it's now time for you to get under the covers and recuperate!

Marthe said...

Your bundt cake looks so pretty!

sugarandstockings said...

What a gorgeous bundt cake! There really is something about them that's always comforting.

Are you sure you won't share the poem? Came across a truly embarrassing story I wrote somewhere around third grade recently, and it's always nice to have company! Hehehehe!

duodishes.com said...

You have great photography! It makes everything look appetizing.