September 1, 2009

My Life and Brownies- A Parable

It's little over a year into this blog and I'm starting to examine the journey I'm on, this evolution from film crew member to baker and back again.

I'm about to wax poetic here for a few minutes so in case I forget to mention it, this week's TWD was all about Espresso Cheesecake Brownies. Feel free to bail out on this diatribe at any time and check out the blogroll for more baking and less yapping.

What started out as hobby/fantasy is actually turning into something really real you know? The end of a great show followed months of unemployment, freeing me up for baking classes, leading to an observation day with a local bakery, and then a real live, although part time and extremely casual, baking gig. And just when I thought I was out of the loop, my phone starts ringing with freelance tv jobs. After weeks of fantasizing about a scenario just like this one it is actually happening and even typing this makes me worry I may jinx myself.

Can my two lives really be exist simultaneously? Financial and health insurance obligations being met while still having time for culinary pursuits? Two halves of one life meeting in the middle and swirling around each other like... (wait for it) Espresso Cheesecake and Brownie?

Hey, you knew it was coming and I gave you an out.

I don't know how long this harmony will last but I'm eating it up enjoying every last bite.


Flourchild said...

Great looking brownies. I really loved the frosting on mine..fav. part!

Anonymous said...

Ooh...great use of a metaphor with the brownies. I wish you success with your two pursuits.

Your brownies look wonderful!

SiHaN said...

love the post. Sometimes life does post us with surprises. All the best in your endeavours!

oops.. great brownies by the way!

Pamela said...

Well, I certainly hope that it all "pans out" for you!! Why can't you have it all?? Great looking brownies. Best of luck!