May 31, 2008

Pink Buttercream Is The New Black

In case you hadn't noticed- cupcakes are taking over the world. Sprinkles, Magnolia, Crumbs Bakery have reached celebrity status, often using famous names and faces to hype & hawk their wares and achieve world domination over all baked goods! Now I'm sure everyone says this but I really have been a cupcake devotee for ages- you know, before they were cool, and I'm not easily taken in by fancy icing and the trappings of Hollywood mystique. Hell, I see it everyday at work! So I was thrilled to find the real deal right back in my hometown.

DD's Cupcake Shoppe in Jupiter is an experience I call "cupcakes keepin' it real." A third generation baker, D.D. Morgan offers her customers a wide variety of delicious flavors made fresh every day in an adorable yet unfussy setting. No premade mixes, preservatives or partially hydrogenated oil, just moist and delicious cakes that melt in your mouth. I happily sampled a Chocolate Raspberry and a Bavarian Dream.

Aah, who knew happiness came in a paper liner?

DD's Cupcake Shoppe
121 Center St.
Jupiter Fl, 33458


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Amy said...

I am a patient at the office your mom works at (and I used to work there as well), so she told me about your blog! I love to bake! And, I'm excited to try some of your recipes. I discovered DD's little bakery about a month ago and thought it was incredible! I had a pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting. Yumm!!! :)