July 9, 2010

And Then Foie Gras Went Up My Nose

I've been fortunate to experience a few incredible meals in my life and have been known to wax poetic about a particular ingredient or chef, but if food loving became a religion New Orleans would surely be a contender for Culinary Vatican.  Never have a uttered the words, "this is the best thing I ever ate," so often in such a period of time.  And at every meal.

Piping hot, sugary beignets and chickory coffee.  Cafe Du Monde is legendary for a reason.

Restaurant Stella! calls this A Composition of Heirloom Carrots.  Carrot salad, confit, foam, sorbet and gelee with carrot cake crumbles.  Step right up to the Carrot Carnival.

I can't remember what kind of fish this was.  It was locally caught, smothered in a crawfish and spice tomato-y sauce. Commander's Palace...believe the hype.

Bread Pudding Souffle.  It may look innocent, but it's like the ninja of desserts.  You are powerless against it.

Ducking out of the heat of the day into a cafe for barbeque shrimp with garlic bread.  Late night po' boys after listening to a bonefide Lousiana brass band.  A meal at Restaurant August that left us breathless- peaches and pork belly, need I say more.