June 8, 2010

Sweet Endings

Once a week my husband walks into work with a white box and people are just a little bit happier to see him.  Thus far I've put biscotti, lemon bars, and nutella brownies in that box and when I stopped by there yesterday,  the requests were pouring in. Then, the unthinkable happened, a flyer for the annual office Biggest Loser Competition landed on his desk.
Starting Thursday, everyone is going to be on a diet and I'm thinking those white boxes won't be so well received.  I figured for their last hurrah I'd go big...with White Chocolate Orange Petit Fours.
Sure petit fours are small, but these are huge on flavor.   I started with a lightly orange scented vanilla sponge, brushed with cointreau simple syrup, one layer of orange marmalade and one orange buttercream.  Then, because I wanted to go out swinging, a generous drizzle of white chocolate sprinkled with orange zest.

I know I'll miss filling those boxes as much as they enjoyed emptying them.

The sponge cake and buttercream recipes can be found here.  I have Martina to thank for the white chocolate topping and the inspiration.


Mary said...

These are gorgeous! I wouldn't be able to resist these, and would probably sneak a few. And lose the contest.
:) Totally worth it!

Anonymous said...

So glad I could be a spark of inspiration! Especially when the result is so delicious-love the various fillings!

from The Foreign Kitchen