January 1, 2010

Off Sides

The holiday season is all about peace on Earth and good will toward men right? I mean that's what Charlie Brown tells us. Obviously he and Linus never had their alma maters play each other in a bowl game.
New Year's Day 2010 brought us blue skies, an open tennis court, and most importantly contract arbitration between Time Warner Cable and Fox which allowed for the Sugar Bowl to be shown on tv in our market. That meant my husband and I began this year watching football and for the first time ever, not rooting for the same team. University of Florida Gators (class of '95 thank you very much) v.s. Cincinnati Bearcats (he only went there his freshman year but Ohio U already lost to Marshall) and thanks to a recent Vegas trip we both had money on the game. It was not looking good for the Cats.
In the interest of marital harmony, I thought some team themed sugar cookies might lessen the agony of what I was certain would be Cincy's impending defeat. At halftime we had a little photo shoot with my new toy.

By the third quarter it was a blow-out and even I began to lose interest. We started scrolling through available movies on demand.
The final score was 51-24. I won $10 and he lost $10 but we were up overall thanks to Ohio State in the Rose Bowl. And a plate of fabulous football cookies.


The Food Librarian said...

Awesome story! I love both cookies. Glad to know this competition didn't divide the house too much! - mary

Anonymous said...

Cute cookies!! Happy New Year.